Greetings, Traveler

Explore, gather and strengthen your character as you journey through the lands of Arthuros.
Let Me Axe You A Quest-ion is a 2D action RPG in which you play as Tama, a young wanderer who journeys through various fields to fight the looming evil that took over most creatures in the land of Arthuros. On his path he encounters stronger foes, unlocks further territories to explore and enhances his weapons and armor with the ressources he finds along the way.
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As you progress through the game, you can explore further areas, each with their own environmental differences to adapt to, and discover their individual flora and fauna. This can be achieved by clearing special quests, like defeating the boss of the current area or finishing it under special conditions. The tavern and their inhabiting merchants provide plentiful enticing quests and other tasks, worth partaking. Each area contains unique bosses and has up to 50 levels of difficulty, making the enemies more fierce, but also the loot more rewarding.
Cave Crystal 1
Cave Crystal 2


With over 400 unique Items to be collected, there're plenty of things to discover. Most of these items can either be used for crafting weapons or armor pieces, sold at the local merchant of the tavern or combined into new items with the help of the bountifull Alchemistress.
Fire Djinn


You can freely adjust your equipment and upgrade your weapons and armor along different upgrade paths, some infused with magical abilities making them stronger against certain enemy types, which means that you're not locked in on a certain class type. Various types of enemies can be encountered, with different strengths and weaknesses.