Caravan Keepers

In Caravan Keepers you explore different regions whilst hiring new party-members called Keepers, with which you'll defend the caravan from treacherous fiends and dangerous environments. In this rogue-lite ARPG your main goal is to journey as far as possible while strengthening your party to confront ever stronger enemies.


battle feature


Defend your caravan against all kinds of creatures along your way in this new and intuitive battle system!
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With every turn, the enemies you encounter get stronger, but the loot also more rewarding..
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Find better and better equipment to improve your Keepers and get an edge in forthcoming battles.
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There are plenty of resources to collect, buy and sell, as well as tools that help in gathering them and repairing your carriage.
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Random rewards through daily assignments, as well as tougher achievements are yours to collect.
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Every town you visit has a unique offering when it comes to resources and equipment. Some even offer rare, higher level items.
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As you step through uncharted territory, events with unforeseen consequences may occur, leaving you to decide, how your party should react and proceed.
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Try to create the strongest team in order to survive the longest.
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If a Keeper falls in battle, he is gone forever and when the Caravan get's destroyed, it means Game Over. So best tread carefully.


Your main goal is to safely escort your caravan while exploring the surrounding area, looking for the best place to settle. As it is no easy task to travel through unknown domains, your caravan's carriage is bound to get into some trouble, so it's in your best interest to hire the strongest mercenaries around and protect it from any danger. That's why the current status of the carriage is of utmost importance, because if the carriage breaks down or all your Keepers get defeated, you loose.
And loosing a Keeper means loosing him forever.
Though, with the right equipment, you can repair your caravan and let your Keepers rest in certain areas to refill some of their energy.


In the fights you partake, each member has an individual initiative-meter, which determines, when that character can make a move.
If it's your turn, you can drag across the screen to define, in which direction your Keeper should attack. Here you need to decide, which target to attack in what order, as you might be able to defeat an enemy before he can rush forth or weaken a stronger foe by lowering its health further.
Some battles even contain chests, crates or vases, which might hold valuable resources. So you need to decide, whether to use one of your turns to get that loot and risk taking a hit or playing it safe and neglect that extra reward.


Each of the acquirable Keepers bring unique stats and battle styles to the table, some supporting others, some attacking from behind and some rushing forth to smite their enemies.
To prepare your Keepers for forthcoming battles, you should gather the best equipment to improve their chance of winning, as with each passing day the enemies get stronger, making it harder to progress further if ill equipped.